Clients: Top Hiring Tips To Hire Designers


You might think that you could design the interior of your office or your house better than a professional, but that is debatable because there is a reason that interior designers exist.

You might think that you could design the interior of your office or your house better than a professional, but that is debatable because there is a reason that interior designers exist. They know what is in the market, what is selling, what is attractive, and what can really work with the type of office you are running or the house you have. They have the talent and the experience to know how to make a space functional and beautiful at the same time. 

This is very vital for the renovation of an office or a house or any area, but the thing is that not all the interior designers can do that for you. Therefore, you should know about a few tips before you go and hire an interior designer. These tips will tell you how to hire the right one. 

1st tip: Ask for recommendations.

This is the starting point, ask for recommendations from your friends and family members and check the reviews of these interior designers online as well. You can also ask a real estate agent for any good interior designers they know. Most designers work on a word-of-mouth structure, so a recommendation is the best way to finding a good designer! Thus, kicking off our list as the number 1 tip!

2nd tip: Hire a local interior designer.

Hiring a local interior designer will have its benefit. You can always call them, and always stay in touch with then. Hiring an interior designer from out of your area will cost you a lot and many designers do not want to come back for any touch ups. However, now in a time of a pandemic, clients are flocking to hire designers from all over - even in different countries! With the technology these days, hiring a designer from anywhere in the world is becoming increasingly easier. Check out websites like Thumbtack or Bark. These both are really great starting points to finding local designers.

3rd tip: Dig down and search for your design style.

Go online, search for numerous images that you see of different interior designs for offices, houses etc. See the colors you like, see the pictures and make a collection of them. Once you have decided, then show what you want to the interior designers and pick the designer that guarantees that they can give you what you are showing them. Use Pinterest to create a board and pin your inspiration! This will also help you understand your style and be able to find the best designer if style is your number one priority. Be aware, though, that a true designer should be able to design any style you want.

4th tip: Research on the costs and make a budget.

Research on the costs of the designs you have chosen, set a budget for them and pick a designer that can stay in that budget for you. What you need to do is that you need to keep an eye out for the hourly rate of the designer, cost of the materials, and the contractors etc. Designers cost vary so much. depending on the area you live in, the experience of the designer, and even some designers charge differently than others.

5th tip: Interview the interior designers in person.

When you are recommended numerous interior designers, you should plan an appointment with them in person. This will help you determine what their character is like as you will be working with them for weeks or even months. This will also help the designer understand your space better and be able to give you a more accurate cost in regards to their project fees as well as budget that you should stay around. It's ok to interview designers, but please be open with the designer about why you are interviewing multiple ones. This is important as this builds trust with the designer.

6th tip: Make a letter of agreement.

Interior designing can cost a lot, therefore, it is wise to make a letter of agreement between you and the interior designer that they will deliver. In case any problem or issue arises during work, the letter of agreement you made can protect you. Generally, interior designers will furnish their own letter of agreement. However, in rare cases the client can create their own. Although unorthodox, its not a bad practice to give a counter agreement to your designer as the client with your own terms to cover yourself.

7th tip: Check for credentials.

Many interior designers do not have a degree or any certificate, which does not mean they will do a bad job, but it is always wise to check for their past work. Check the references, check the previous projects, and check their certification as many states do not let a designer work until they have a certificate. This can help you stay clear of any future problem or a bad end result. While some states and even countries dont have any requirements for certifications or even have any regulations surrounding the design industry, it's important to know who you are working with and if they even have the right experience to be able to handle your project. Take a look at ASID, IIDA, IDS to start. These organizations mean that the designer is a verified qualified designer and are a really good option to hire!

8th tip: Make your expectations clear.

You can let your designer do all the work by themselves from the start or you can make each decision with them, make this perfectly clear with them so your expectations can be clear. Making these expectations clear from the beginning can be the difference between your project being successful or unsuccessful. Clear lines of communication are KEY to the success of your project and setting these expectations are a must.

9th tip: Ensure the availability of the designer.

It is vital that the designer is available and can fully focus on your project. Before choosing an interior designer, you should check their schedule and what projects they are taking. If they are not filled with projects, then you can work side-by-side with the interior designer to make your project work according to you. 

10th tip: Prepare for some extra work.

Usually, during renovation, some construction work may be suggested by the interior designer, which can be somewhat time-consuming. So, remodel the entire space that you want to renovate with the interior designer and if construction is needed, make sure to be prepared for it as well.